Inverleigh Cottage Re-Roofing Project

June 13, 2011

New Roof Revitalises Inverleigh Cottage

True Blue Roofing Pty Ltd have had the pleasure of completing this Re-roofing project in Inverleigh, Victoria.   Inverleigh is a small rural township in Victoria, Australia located 28 kilometres west from the City of Greater Geelong.

True Blue Roofing were called upon to remove the existing 100 year old custom orb (corrugated iron) galvanised roofing iron on the main roof and all verandas of the property and Re-roof with Zincalume corrugated iron.  The original galvanised roofing iron is thought to have come out from England as ballast on the old ships and replaced with livestock and grain on its return from Australia.  We also replaced the galvanised iron bull nose veranda and existing guttering with the more modern Zincalume corrugated iron.  The old galvanised iron roof was at a point of deterioration and was causing the owners issues with leaks etc. as well as looking very tired and dilapidated and therefore they decided it was time for a new roof and bullnose veranda.

We also replaced the existing roofing on some rear verandas with Zicalume sheeting and Polycarbonate roofing sheets to allow some light into the rear of the home.

Zincalume® is a BlueScope product and is a good option when re-roofing heritage homes such as this cottage in Inverleigh.  It is proven to last longer, cost effective when compared with galvanised iron and is basically the new and improved product!

True Blue Roofing specialise in Re-roofing projects such as this cottage in Inverleigh and would be happy to be of assistance if you have your own Re-Roofing project.  We are able to arrange the removal of existing roof, replacement and completion of your new roof sometimes all within the space of a day or two (weather depending).  We also arrange for the removal of all materials from site at the end of the project.

Re-roofing a property can add exceptional value to your home so it can actually be an asset as well as getting rid of any leaking issues old homes can sometimes suffer with!  If you have a project you would like to talk to us about, please contact us!