Jan Juc Project features Corten Standing Seam Architectural Cladding

October 29, 2018

True Blue Roofing have recently been working on this Corten Wall Cladding project in Jan Juc on The Surf Coast of Victoria.  Jan Juc is located on The Great Ocean Road 100kms South West of Melbourne and 26kms South of Geelong.

This wall cladding project features standing seam single lock cladding with pans approximately 320 wide with ribs approximately 25mm high.  True Blue Roofing have fabricated all of the Corten steel into the single lock standing seam panels in our workshop and then installed for the client onsite.  This complete service of fabrication and installation of the architectural cladding offers our clients an extremely efficient and economical wall cladding solution.  For this project we wrapped the walls proctor wrap prior to the install of the architectural wall cladding.

Corten Cladding is described on the website as follows:

“CORTEN is commonly used as an external cladding system for large and small, private and public buildings. This generally, is a purely aesthetic application of the Corten material. Using CORTEN in this way can give the building a very industrial feel, which is a common trend in modern architecture. The beauty of CORTEN as an architectural material is that you can cut and shape it in so many different ways while still maintaining its strength and rigidity. Speak to us today to discuss any Corten cladding questions or ask us about our Corten Metal Cladding Systems including our best selling Corten Cartridge System.”

To read more on the product go to: www.corten.com.au we absolutely love the drama and beauty this product adds to modern architecture.

We have been servicing Geelong, The Surf Coast and Melbourne in all areas of roofing, walling and architectural wall cladding fabrication for nearly 13 years!   We have a strong roofing, building and sheet metal knowledge base to draw on which benefits our customers in the quality level and attention to detail in all services we are able to provide.  If you have a project that you want to talk to us about, you should contact us today.